C'est cheese & Our community

We here at C'est Cheese feel so lucky to be a part of such a generous, supportive community filled with so many incredible non-profit organizations, schools, social programs and philanthropic foundations.  As a part of this special community, we feel honored to be able to give to many of these organizations and programs that do so much good in our community.  However, we do get more far more requests each month than we can afford to donate to so please understand that we are not able to say yes to every request.  

If you'd like to request a donation, we ask that you fill out our online donation request form links below.  We strive to acknowledge your request within five business days of receiving this completed form, and will do our best to have an answer for you within two weeks. If you haven't heard back from us within this time frame, this form may have been lost, so please give us a call at 805.965.0318.  

2017 C'est Cheese Donation Request Form