We love to talk cheese almost as much as we like to eat it. Maybe it’s just us, but the whole cheese-making process, and the stories behind the makers, is udderly (sorry) fascinating. The theme changes from month to month, but most classes feature about 5 cheeses paired with one wine (or beer, or honey, or...you get the idea).  
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September Cheese Class ~ Cheeses of Spain
from 20.00

Land of sheep & goat’s milk, Spain has been surprising us as of late. For a while, we weren’t seeing a whole lot of new cheeses come out of Spain. Not sure if it was due to the economy or import laws. But in the last year, something seems to have shifted since we are suddenly seeing some exciting new cheeses from this great cheese producing country. Due to its unique climate and history, Spain’s cheeses really set themselves apart from those of France, Switzerland and Italy. We hope you’ll come taste, learn and enjoy how and why we feel this way!

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October Class ~ Cheddars + Goudas + Beer

In the theme of Oktoberfest, we thought we’d celebrate the pairing of beer + cheese in the month of October. And given that cheddars and goudas originated in renowned beer making regions, the modern day countries of England and Holland, we thought featuring these two sister styles of cheese would make for a great class. We’ll be tasting 6 cheeses in all, paired with 3 different styles of beer for an evening of tastiness and fun!


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Need a fun event for a group of 12-25? Well, our private cheese & wine classes are a unique and delicious option. Starting at $65/person, our private classes include 3 cheese "flights" with 3 cheeses and one wine per flight for a total of 11 cheeses & 4 wines during the course of the evening. The fourth & final flight is typically a blue cheese followed by handmade chocolates paired with a dessert wine. But really, we can customize any private class menu to your desire. Private classes typically last 2-3 hours with a 30-minute intermission where we serve salad & charcuterie. For more details, please contact Kathryn.