2018 CHEESE CLASSES - starting in JUNE!  

We love to talk cheese almost as much as we like to eat it. Maybe it’s just us, but the whole cheese-making process, and the stories behind the makers, is udderly (sorry) fascinating. The theme changes from month to month, but most classes feature about 5 cheeses paired with one wine (or beer, or honey, or...you get the idea).  
Please read our Cancellation Policy & Seating Request Policy before making your purchase. 

June Cheese Class ~ Cheese + Honey
from 25.00

Honey & cheese truly are one of life's perfect pairings. For this class we'll taste through five cheeses paired with five different honeys and explore why these two foods work so well together. In addition, we'll discuss the fascinating story behind honey and how it's made. For those who love salty & sweet, this is a "must attend" class! We'll be pairing with a crisp Rose from Corsica for this class. We hope you'll join us celebrate the start of summer with some cheese, honey & wine!

with wine?:
July Cheese Class ~ What's New in the US of A
from 20.00

First off, no, this is not about "American Cheese".  We are tasting cheese, from America.  Big difference.  Huge.
Western Europe has, for good reason, always been considered home base for most of the world's great cheeses.  However, lately we upstarts in the colonies are making a break for it and it just so happens are making a name for ourselves in our own right. This tasting will be focused on tasting some of the newest and tastiest that this country’s aspiring cheese makers have to offer! And trust us, your taste buds will be delighted.



Need a fun event for a group of 12-25? Well, our private cheese & wine classes are a unique and delicious option. Starting at $65/person, our private classes include 3 cheese "flights" with 3 cheeses and one wine per flight for a total of 11 cheeses & 4 wines during the course of the evening. The fourth & final flight is typically a blue cheese followed by handmade chocolates paired with a dessert wine. But really, we can customize any private class menu to your desire. Private classes typically last 2-3 hours with a 30-minute intermission where we serve salad & charcuterie. For more details, please contact Kathryn.